Donald is 37 years old and has been a recipient of state and federal funds since he graduated from high school. As a result of this support he is able to lead a rich and full life. Donald lives with his 65-year-old mother and the Medicaid waiver funds caregivers to come into the home to provide personal care and companionship, as well as support in the community.

"I enjoy going to the barbershop because my friends are there and Rudy cuts my hair the way I like it. Also, they don’t treat me like a baby.” 


"My son, Donald, is the love of my life. He was born in 1977, very sick. The doctors said he wouldn't be here 24 hours. I made God a promise that if he let me keep him he would never suffer. I was told that he was going to be a vegetable and that I would need to tie him to the bed. They said he would never eat or be able to feed himself. I look at Donald as being a person that in my eyes can do anything."

Jackie (Donald's mother)


Donald is a member of the Victory Dance Team and is seen rehearsing for their holiday concert. Transportation to rehearsal and various other community outings is provided by one of his caregivers.

Funding provides tuition for Donald to attend a day program five days a week. Through his day program he participates in a variety of community outreach activities such as Meals on Wheels.