How I Can Help


  • Make a tax deductible financial contribution to fund this project.
  • Share this website and blog with your friends, neighbors and family members and ask them to voice their support.

  • Voice your support for increased funding for the Medicaid  Waiver during the 2015 legislative session.You can be an effective advocate without leaving home. Find out who your representative is at the Project Vote Smart website (, enter your 9 digit zip code to identify your elected officials at the national and state levels and how to contact them. 

Suggestions for making your case to a legislator: 

1. Introduce yourself and make it personal.

ie. Hi, my name is Mary Jones and I am one of your constituents. I have a 22 year old son (or neighbor/friend), David, who has a developmental disability.

2.  Communicate your story and make it unique. Include facts.

ie. I am advocating for the appropriation of increased funding to support the addition of 1,000 NOW/COMP Waivers for persons with a developmental disability in the 2015-2016 budget. My son, as many others, have been on the waiting list for ___years. Funding with a Waiver would allow my son to live a full life and  to contribute to the Georgia community and  economy.

Note: The Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities will be asking the legislature for increased funding for 1000 NOW/COMP Waivers during the 2015 session. See legislative agenda.

3. Engage with a question.

ie. Did you know that in Georgia there are approximately 7,400 people with a developmental disability on the waiting list for home and community-based supports?

4. Pull it together and make the request.

ie. I am urging you to support the appropriation of increased funding for 1000 NOW/COMP Waivers for individuals with developmental disabilities. Do you have any questions?

5. End the conversation and thank them.

6. Your pitch should not exceed 30-60 seconds. Plan and practice before you call.

7. Provide your legislator with a link to this web site.