“Our son, Patrick, is 32 years old and an unbelievable man. He is so outgoing, happy, and loves to meet new people. He has a gift for making other people feel special. Patrick has so much potential but also many challenges.”

Pat and Jim

Acquiring funds to transition Patrick into the community took ten years and a lot of persistence. In the summer of 2013, Patrick was allocated a COMP Medicaid waiver and at the same time offered a place to live at L'Arche Atlanta. At L'Arche, he lives with three other individuals with developmental disabilities along with three assistants. They live together as a family so Patrick has had to adapt, learn and share with his new family members. 


"We are thrilled that he is happy, thrilled that he is in a caring, loving, protective and safe environment that will be there forever for him. It couldn't be any better."

 Pat and Jim


“Since moving into L'Arche, I have been watching Patrick grow into his adult stage of life. He has been taking on new responsibilities and taking ownership for his daily life. He quickly made the big move from living with his parents to living in his adult home.”

Jessica (Live-in House Coordinator at L'Arche Atlanta)

Funding through a Medicaid Waiver provides Supported Employment in the form of a job coach at both of Patrick's jobs. He works three days a week in a cafeteria in a retirement community doing food prep and as a Greeter at the Gwinnett Braves games. In his work at the cafeteria, his supervisors have mentioned that Patrick brings levity to an environment that can get intense. He also inspires his co-workers to work harder. They see what Patrick is able to achieve despite his challenges and that motivates the rest of the staff.

Because of Patrick's strong desire to connect with people, the collegiality and community engagement in both of Patrick's jobs has been an important factor in his life. Patrick also takes great pride in earning a paycheck and a competitive wage. The stability and consistency that he has experienced at both jobs is another source of pride. He has been at the retirement community for 4 years and with the Gwinnett Braves for 6 seasons.